Vision, Mission

Our Values:

We share a responsibility to develop and promote services and solutions to help improve patient safety and care.

Our Mission:

Create and enable unique technologies, services and programs that drive sustainable value to healthcare providers and those in their compassionate care. In a socially responsible manner, continue to assist providers with tools to support their primary mission.

Our Strategy:

We focus on areas where clinical evidence indicates a need to reduce risk and improve patient care, such as:

• Improve Patient Satisfaction – Press Ganey

• Support the hospitals strategy to contain Average Length of Stay (ALOS)

• Timely integration of data to EMR and other internal core Systems

• Meet the stringent emerging government and state requirements

• Provide the appropriate and timely mandatory reporting as needed, including accreditation surveys

Our Medical Equipment Management System (MEMS) is designed to manage and integrate all inventory and maintenance/calibration tasks associated with any piece of equipment a hospital may have, even across large IDN’s. Some of the key benefits of MEMS are:

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