About CMSLINC Consults

CMSL Consultants, has been providing federal regulatory assistance to physicians and their office staff since 1989. Our consulting programs and presentations have been used by over 2,000 physician offices in the N.J., PA. and Florida. CMSL Consultants offers a complete line of services, policy manuals and accredited training programs customized to the regulatory needs of the specialty of your practice. Over 2000 physician, dental and podiatry offices have taken advantage our programs. Our manuals are sold nationally. We offer expert support and make regulatory compliance as simple as possible.

We can save offices hundreds to thousands of dollars by saving you the time it will take you to understand and comply with regulations. There is the potential to save you thousands by simply changing the medical waste company you use.

We would like to offer your medical practice the services that so many medical offices have relied on for over a decade. We also work with hospital systems who purchase medical practices. Call to speak to our staff about your needs. We do not market or have a sales force - we get new clients by “word of mouth” recommendations. Call and we will send you brochures on consultation services, manuals, training programs and a complementary issue of our newsletter.

Don't wait until an inspector shows up at your office to find out you are not in compliance!You get what you pay for - rely on the best CMSL Consultants.

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