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Centralized Medical Solutions, Inc. has been in operations since 2004.It’s focus has been primarily in health care with a deep passion for improving patient care and patient outcomes.

Our leadership team members have implemented various solutions, technology and services at over 150 US hospitals at places such as Dartmouth Hitchcock, Temple University, Thomas Jefferson University, University of PA, Cleveland Clinic, Partners Health, Kaiser Permanente and many others, ranging from regional to large IDN structures in over 30 states.

Every solution we’ve implemented involves various integration or interfaces to one or more MMS, E-Procurement, EMR, Perioperative, ADT, Billing, Pharmacy, or labs systems. We are totally neutral to interfacing with any commercial or homegrown system.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Read More


Assisting Physicians To Meet Federal Regulations

OSHA – Safety: CMSL Inc Offers Compliance Evaluations

Safety Training Programs

OSHA Safety Manual

CLIA – Laboratory: CMSL Inc Offers Compliance Evaluations For Waived/PPM Labs and Non Waived (moderate & high complexity) Labs, Laboratory Procedure Manuals With QA Plan

HIPAA – Privacy & Security: Office Evaluation For Compliance

HIPAA Policy Manual

HIPAA Staff Training Program

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